Water Cooler Overview

Benefits Of Water
The definition of a water cooler is any self contained unit whose primary function is to cool, and dispense water. Heating the water is also a function that has been added to many of these units. Two types of water coolers can be found. There is the bottle-less water cooler that is directly connected to a water supply. The other type requires delivery of large bottles or jugs of water and are completely independent from any direct water supply.

Water coolers that use bottle or jugs often provide much of the same. The water is usually pre filtered so the unit doesn’t need to perform that function. Like the bottle-less freestanding unit, water coolers using bottles are free standing, provide cooling an often also have a heating function. The major difference between the bottles unites and bottle-less units is the method of delivery. Bottle units require delivery and pick up of full and empty bottles.

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